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Welcome to Elite Feet


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welcome to elite feet

"Elite Feet is not a chain store.  We are one store with one goal in mind for each and every customer.  Elite Feet wants to provide you with the best fitting most comfortable shoe for your feet."

The caring and educated specialist at Elite Feet will properly fit you with shoes that will benefit your overall health. Feet can vary greatly in terms of physical needs and fitting your shoe for length, width, support, and stability is very important in finding your right shoe. If you are on the hunt for running shoes, walking shoes, or athletic shoes we have you covered. 

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a pair of workout shoes or everyday shoes, the experts at Elite Feet can fit you for your perfect match. Our highly educated staff take many variables into consideration in addition to length and width such as needed level of support and stability as well as medical history. Of course, the intended use or purpose for the shoes is always considered in the fitting.

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Don’t let improper fitting keep you from having happy, healthy feet. Let the Elite Feet family match you with your perfect shoe today!

first time customers
Please allow sufficient time, normally a minimum of 30-45 minutes, for your first fitting at Elite Feet.  We ask for your patience as we assist you in receiving the very best fit in the correct shoes for your particular needs.  Allow another 15-20 minutes if you have any recent medical history that may be relevant and need to be addressed.

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3500 U.S. Highway 40 - Blue Springs, MO 64015 - Office: 816-228-0478 - Fax: 816-228-2287